In theater and in stage productions, music plays a very important part. It can be anything from atmospheric music supporting silent and spoken parts of a show to music to support singing or dancing (for instance in musicals but also cabaret, comedy and other kinds of theater).

Over the last decade Daniel Roos composed and produced music for theater productions of Dutch comedian Sjaak Bral and theatrical artist Fred Delfgaauw, for different school and dance groups and his own stage production of "Inmusication".

Since three years, Daniel Roos provides live accompaniment as well as song compositions to the "Oudejaarsconference" tours of Sjaak Bral. Because of professional experience and love for music in theater, Roos Music can capture any atmosphere and message of a theatrical scene into the right sounds and melodies.

Roos Music can compose and produce customized music for small (amateur) initiatives – like school musicals, amateur groups and starting theatre artists – as well as for large scale and professional productions.



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