What’s a moving picture without sound?! Music brings it to life. It has the power to turn a movie scene into an  experience. Original music makes it unique.

Whether it’s for a short or feature film, an amateur or professional production, commercial, corporate video or documentary: Roos Music can deliver the right sounds to your videos. Quickly and professionally.


In theater and in stage productions, music plays a a very important part. It provides an atmosphere to spoken and unspoken scenes, it supports movement (dancing etc.) and backs up singers.

Roos Music can compose and produce customized music for small (amateur) initiatives – like school musicals, amateur groups and starting theatre artists – as well as for large scale and professional productions.

Roos Music also has many years of experience in songwriting, -recording and -producing with contributions to albums of international artists in various genres as well as own productions.

If you need a song for a film, theater or album production, if you need a recorded backing track or want your own recording to be finished with lead or backing vocals, it's all possible!