The value of music to support moving pictures should not be underestimated. For your film production you wouldn’t like to cut down on getting the right sounds for creating the right atmospheres and getting the desired end result. After all you’re also using original film footage to which you dedicated your time, energy and creativity. Then the sounds you put to it, should not bring down the quality. Music is much more than just a way to fill up the silence… It brings feelings, emotion and with that it brings your moving pictures to life!

Over the last years, Roos Music composed and produced music for various documentaries, corporate films, short films and television tunes. Roos Music likes to offer film makers of all kinds the music they’re looking for, quickly and affordable! Whether it’s about a short or feature film, an amateur or professional production, commercial, corporate video or documentary: Roos Music can contribute musically to any production!

On the right you will find some music examples to give you an impression of what's possible.



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